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 Creating and Publishing a Website in Microsoft FrontPage


Open FrontPage

Click on FrontPage icon on desk top or

Go to Start -> All Programs -> FrontPage


If you have a FrontPage location

        Go to File -> Open Web

Use drop down menu to go to location of folder.

        Example:  P:\Harrigan\HomePage\FrontPage Lesson

        If file on floppy, insert disk and go to A: drive

Click on your FrontPage folder and open. 


If a dialogue box appears stating “FrontPage needs to add information to your folder in order to help manage your hyperlinks and other site content.  Do you want to add FrontPage information to A:\?”

Answer YES



If you do not have a FrontPage Location

The first step is to create a website location in FrontPage.


  1. File -> New -> Page or Web
    1. A small dialogue box will open on the right side of the screen that allows you to select the kind of page or web you would like.
    2. Select “Empty Web”.



  1. Next you are asked to select a location for your Web folder on your computer. 




    1. Be sure that the “Empty Web” option is selected on the templates side of the screen.
    2. Select the “Browse” button to find a location on the computer to save your website.  Select the “3 ½ Floppy (A:)” location to save the website on a floppy disk.

Students would follow directions for putting site on A: drive (floppy disk)

Instructors would go to Public drive and put site in their folder.


    1. Click “Open” to finish the process


  1. You should now see that the “A:” drive is selected as the location for the website.

Faculty will see the location on the P: drive.


                a.  Name your web site.  Names you may choose are My Web Page, My Web Site, etc.

b.     Select “OK” to finish.  You will see a message identical to the one below stating that your website is being created and where it is being created.  In this case, it is being created on the “A:” drive. 




4.    Once a location for your website is specified, FrontPage creates a “website” for you.  By default, this website is empty.  To begin the process of adding pages to this website, you will need to create new pages. 


A. To begin a New Page, select the “New Page” icon from the toolbar that runs along the top of the FrontPage screen.  It is located directly underneath the word “File” in the toolbar.


Figure: New File icon


Each time you finish creating a page, be sure to save them to your website location.  Continue making pages as you wish.

Once you are finished creating all of your pages, the next step is to publish your website to the web. 


 B.  If you want to transfer an existing web page (created using a different program such as Netscape 7.1) to FrontPage


Close the web site you have just created

Go to IE and if you are a student.  or if you are  faculty.

If the login window does not appear click on File, click on Login As . .

Login as you normally would, username and password.

You will now see the contents of your directory.

You can delete any unnecessary files by right clicking and clicking on delete.

You can then transfer the files you want to your FrontPage location and edit them from there.

Click on each page of the ftp folder or your web page

Click on menu item “Copy this item” under Folder Tasks in the left side of page.  List box will appear.  Copy files to the new web site you have created on the appropriate drive.  You may also copy individual pages as well. 

Make certain each new page is saved as a web page (.html)

Now make certain you SAVE these new pages and Publish them.

If you have difficulty opening your new website under FrontPage, go to View -> Refresh.


To transfer MS Word Documents from present location to FrontPage location


        Go to MS Word.

        Go to document

        Open it

        Save it to your FrontPage location as a web document.


To link pages to your FrontPage location

       Make certain your home page and the pages you want to link are in

        your FrontPage location.

        Go to your welcome.htm page.

        Edit this page by inserting the link name.

Example: linking the file Exams.htm to your home page.  Type Exams on your welcome.htm page.

Highlight Exams

Click on link icon, 2nd row 20th icon from left (globe with link through it)

Click on file (exams.htm) you want to link.

Remember to Save and Publish



To edit home page

       Open up FrontPage

        Go to your FrontPage Location

        Open up your main file.  Example:  welcome.htm

        Make your edits.

        Save your edits.

Publishing from FrontPage to the Web


Note: Before beginning this process, be sure that all files within your website are closed (i.e. File à Close).  The website should still remain open (i.e. DO NOT DO “File à Close Web”).

Folder list is still active, do not close it.

Make certain you have saved your edits first.


1.    From the FrontPage menu, select File à Publish Web


a.    You are first asked to enter a “Publish Destination”



Faculty will enter “”

Students enter “”


Next, you are asked to enter your University of Hartford email username and password.  This is how you will get permission to upload your website to the University of Hartford server.


Figure: Enter Email username and password to gain access.



2.    The “Publish Web” window opens and you able to view the contents of your website 

a.    Select the “Publish” option to upload your files



        You will be asked two questions in a dialogue box. 

First question will ask if you want to include the recently modified file in your revised web page.  Answer Yes if you do.

Second question will ask if you want to remove the linked files from your revised web page.  Answer No to All.


3.    Once your site is finished uploading, you will see the message below:








All pages that will be a part of the navigation bar need to be created, and saved as web pages in your FrontPage location.


Go to Insert -> Navigation -> Link Bars

Click Next

Click on style you want,

Click Next

Choose orientation (select horizontal for now as it is easier to use)

Type in name of bar, click ok

Click add link

        Such as Exams.htm

        Change text in dialogue box on top to display name such as Exams

        Or enter address of link such as


To edit your navigation bar, click on add links, then modify the link, add a new link or change the style of the navigation bar.