Hola! My name is Renwick C. Griswold. I teach sociology at Hillyer College at the University of Hartford.  My favorite course to teach is the Sociology of the CT River Watershed. The mighty Connecticut River is a natural treasure. It’s history, ecology and beauty are sources of endless knowledge and aesthetics.

I hold the fin de siecle French genius, Alfred Jarry in great awe. He developed PATAPHYSICS, the science of imaginary solutions.

 I am the 2006 President Elect of the Association for Humanist Sociology. AHS is a dedicated group of scholars and activists that do wonderful things in the world.

The good looking Basset Hound pictured above is Lady Emma Hamilton Peel. She is my boon companion and continues to provide me with insight into what stubborn really means. I hope you enjoy this page and some of the links that emanate from it. Be gentle in your mind and spirit...and have a little fun for yourselves!

The CT River Drifting Society is an offshoot of Stephen Jones’ remarkable book Drifting. We flow year-round down the waterways of New England. You will also find a link to the Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association here.

The CCS link is to the Center For Community Service here at UH. Our students and faculty does some wonderful things in our community.
 CT River Drifting Society
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           Social Problems

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