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Try these links to interesting web sites related to education reform.
 (Source: Readings and student contributions from the Summer 1999 session of EDT 670)

For my draft work connecting ethics and technology:

Real Work for Real Students: This is a work in progress prepared in Hyperstudio. A Hyperstudio plug-in is required. To download the plug-in takes 4 steps..

  1. 1. Go to the Hyperstudio web page
  2. 2. Click on PLUG-IN (bottom lelft of screen)
  3. 3. Identify your computer type
  4. 4. When the plug-in is copied onto your desktop, then move it to your Netscape plug -in folder
  5. 5. Try again.(click real work for real students)
If you are a student in Ethics in The Professions AUCS 340 for Fall 99 go to the University webboard for a chatroom discussion of the class issues: COURSE CHATROOM