Educational Grants


A Virtual Transportation Learning Laboratory, Educational Technology Grant, University of Hartford, 05/08 – 12/08

Principal Investigator: Clara Fang


Motivating Women Undergraduates through Engineering Research Experiences in Computer Modeling and Simulation, Women’s Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund), University of Hartford, 01/2008 – 08/2008

Principal Investigator: Clara Fang


Integrating Traffic Simulation in Teaching Transportation Engineering Courses, Faculty Center of Learning Development, University of Hartford, 08/2005 – 08/2006.

Principal Investigator: Clara Fang


Society of Women Engineers Educating for Tomorrow (SWEET Day), Women’s Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund),  University of Hartford, 01/07 – 01/08.

Principal Investigator: Alex Symmonds, Clara Fang


Development of Summer Campus Modules for High School Young Women, Women’s Education and Leadership Fund (WELFund), University of Hartford,  01/07 – 01/08.

Co-Principal Investigator: Clara Fang