Web Sights for the Job Seeker, Networker, and Problem Solver


This resource guide is the result of an assignment for:

Organizational Development
Dr. Sandra Morgan
University of Hartford
Masters of Science in Organizational Behavior


This document is organized into four sections:

Section I Directories to On Line Consulting Resources:
Tell Me What's Out There!

Name The Management Consulting Resource Page
DescriptionAn updated all purpose listing of consultant resources on the web. Includes links to top 40 firms both national and international, benchmarking for consultants, and best practices of consultants.
EvaluationHigh points for creativity and range of resources listed. My favorite was a link to a corporate renewal consulting company homepage.

Name Links to Web Consulting Sights
DescriptionA quick and dirty sight to link you to the home pages of twenty major management consulting firms, as well as the nations top business schools.
EvaluationA good sight to reference if you already know where you want to go, but just don't know the address.

Name Management Consulting Online
DescriptionA magazine style web sight that keeps consultants up to date on management consulting issues, web based resources, and employment opportunities.
EvaluationCreative and fun. Great for staying current, as this sight is updated regulary.

Name Yahoo's Directory of Consulting
DescriptionThis sight presents the most complete listing of web resources. It presents a listing of searches done of the Yahoo archives on a variety of consulting topics including change management, non profit management, and organizational development.
EvaluationThis sight is the most current and up to date management consulting home page because it does an actual search on the topic of your choice every time you access it. It is complete to the point of being overwhelming.

Name Links to Consulting Firms Home Pages
DescriptionA great sight created by Wharton MBA students. It is provides links to top consulting forms sorted by area of specialization: human resources, change management, strategic planning etc.
EvaluationUseful if your are trying to find out who does what.


Section II Major Business Schools:
How Students Access Consulting Resources

Name Wharton Student Network Internet Consulting Resources
DescriptionA wide range of consulting links, from jokes, to major firms, to woeful stories about people who get dinged by McKinsey!
EvaluationNot particularly well focused or organized, but has some unique and humorous references. Worth surfing this break once…

Name Wharton Student Network
DescriptionA great sight to access advice on starting your career as a consultant in a big firm. Advice on contacting, interviewing with, and completing case studies for major consulting firms.
EvaluationThis is hot information if your starting a career, useless information if you're already up and running. They do list a few good bars in the area though…

Name Stern Management Consulting Program
DescriptionThis provides great career advice on moving from an MBA to a consulting job. It also documents an interesting concentration available to Stern MBA students, Management Consulting.
EvaluationGreat to start a career or check out a unique program.

Name MIT Sloan Career Development Consulting Resources
DescriptionThis sight lists books (actual books you have to buy and read, not access on line) which can help you launch and maintain a successful consulting career.
EvaluationConsulting information more focused toward technology matter, less about management topics. Great bibliography!

Name The MBA Page from OHIO State
DescriptionThis is a great business student web sight! Links to all sorts of current event information for the interested business student, including an article on Sun Tzu and the Art of War (who doesn't want to reread this management classic!). Includes links to the Management Consulting Club.
EvaluationThis is my FAVORITE overall sight because it offers interesting topics on business in general, as well as very specific advice and information on consulting careers. Add a bookmark to this sight!

Name Harvard Business School
DescriptionYou can love or hate this omnipresent name in the academic world, but you can't deny that their web sight offers a long list of resources for the management consultant. The management consulting club offers adequate career advice, Harvard Business Review provides a long history of articles on every possible topic, Career Services provides an up to date list of companies and opportunities, and links to Harvard Library Services puts impressive search power at your finger tips.
EvaluationWell organized, incredibly thorough, impressive.

Name Boston College
DescriptionBoston College, while not traditionally included on the short list of the nations best business programs, has clearly separated itself from the slacker group of also rans in the race for the top twenty five. Check out their MBA career services home page if you want to learn about a cutting edge model that connects the career development cycle to the business product development life cycle.
EvaluationHow could an alumni rate this contribution as anything other than outstanding! (I'll just bet you'll love their athletic program as well!).


Section III Surviving the Selection Process:
Practice Examples for the Case Study Interview

Name McKinsey's Interactive Case
Descriptionthis is a great way to test yourself against the accumulated knowledge at THE consulting company. An interactive case provides a scenario, a wealth of background info, and the "right answer"! Test yourself!
EvaluationUseful because it provides a relatively realistic case experience complete with time limits and information overload!

Name Boston Consulting Group's Case Game
DescriptionAnother interactive learning experience to help you warm up for the case interview. The topic of this particular case is water skiing in the tropics. The idea is to familiarize you with the major concepts they might expect you to demonstrate in a case analysis.
EvaluationThe feedback provided by this interactive learning experience does a good job of familiarizing you with their format and expectations.

Section IV Direct Information:
Finding Out About Specific Companies

Provided below is a quick review of three company specific sites on the web. There are literally thousands available to check out. To find consulting companies in the geographic area or area of expertise that is right for you, try
Yahoo's Directory of Consulting.

Name Andersen Consulting Careers
DescriptionA slick document intended to lure the high profile graduate and undergraduate student into the consulting career of their dreams with Andersen Consulting. This glossy web page reviews career opportunities, company values, and customer requirements.
EvaluationInformative, professional, tempting.

Name Boston Consulting Group
DescriptionIf strategy consulting is your goal, don't miss this page. In fact. Its available in two languages. Double click on the Oktoberfest icon, and the sight translates itself into the German language.
EvaluationWhile the sight is relatively underdone on graphics and presentation, it contains all the information necessary to get to know the company, the opportunities, and the recruitment process.

Name Mercer Management Consulting
DescriptionIts not a visually impressive sight, but click to see the listing of their latest associates and you will be impressed by (or at least recognize) their credentials. The page provides clear information on how and when you can contact Mercer for information and interviews.
EvaluationThis is a strictly informational sight. It gives you everything you need without the bells and whistles.