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Fall 2003

Merger Integration

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W. (2003). Forging a postmerger identity: Tough work in the executive suite. In Buono (Ed.) Research in Management Consulting: Enhancing Interfirm Networks and Interorganizational Strategies. Information Age Press, 51-70.

Fall 2002

Employee Reaction to Mergers

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W., Ogilvie, J.R. and DelVecchio, G. (2002). Mergers, acquisitions and long-term employee attitudes. Journal of Business & Economic Studies, 8 (2): 1-16.   

Fall 2002


Parker, S., Schroder, M.J. and Fairfield-Sonn, J.W. (2002). 50 Tips: How to Design Advanced Online Employee Survey Systems. Lake Zurich, IL: Engagement Press.

Summer 2002

Culture Conflicts

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W.  and Zurbrigen, J. (2002). In Search of the root causes of deep culture conflicts. Academy of Management, Denver, CO, August.

Spring 2002

Experiential Exercises

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W., Morgan, S. and Sumukadas, N. (2002). Experiencing the Power of Process Improvement. Proceedings. Eastern Academy of Management, New Haven, CT. [Selected as Best Experiential Paper].

Summer 2001

Culture Change

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W. (2001). Build a Winning Culture. Textile Industries. December, 30-32.

Fall 2000

Improving Performance Evaluations

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W (2000).Moving from a Process to a System Perspective. Northeast Business and Economics Association. Islandia, NY.October,18-20

Fall 2000


Fairfield-Sonn, J.W (2000). Corporate Culture and the Quality Organization. Westport,CT.

Fall 1999

Case Study of a Merger Integration Effort

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W (1999).After the Deal is Over: Case Study of a Merger Integration Effort. Northeast Business and Economics Association,New Haven, CT. October,38-40

Fall 1999

Influence of Context on Process Improvement Teams

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W (1999).Leadership from a Distance. Journal of Business and Economic Studies, 5(2),61-80

Winter 1998

Book Review

Fairfield-Sonn, J. (1999) Review of Studying Your Workforce: Applied Research and Tools for the Training and Development Practioner, Clardy, A. (1997).

Fall 1998

Measuring Return
on Investment for Expert Systems

Fairfield-Sonn, J. & Motiwalla, L. (1998). Measuring the Impact of Expert Systems. Journal of Business and Economic Studies. 4:2.

June 1996 

Implementing Quality Programs 

Fairfield-Sonn, J.& Procopio, J. (1996). Changing attitudes towards quality. Group and Organization Management. 21:2, 133-45. 

November 1996 

Small Business in Poland's Future 

Fairfield-Sonn, J.W. & Nelson, Lacey. (1996). Prospects for small business in Poland's future. Managerial Finance. 22:10, 64-71. 

November 1993 

Change and Organizational Culture 

Fairfield, J.W. (1993). Moving beyond vision: Fostering cultural change in a bureaucracy. Journal of Organizational Change Management. 6:5, 43-55. 

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