University of Hartford Dance Team

Recognized with the “Best Spirit Award” by SGA 2004/2005

Dance Team Alumni -


2003 / 2004  Alumni

             Kimberly Casavant— transferred

                 Adrienne Gawron—graduated January, 2005

                                                                    Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy

                 Barbara Hibbard—graduated May, 2004

                                                                    Bachelor’s of Science in Early Education

                 Alexandra Payne—transferred

                 Kerry Shea—transferred                                                    


2002 / 2003 Alumni

                 Dara Jacobs – transferred

                 Alyson Kaner                                        

                 Chelsea Nadonley—graduated May, 2003

                                                                    Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Therapy

                 Stephanie Nexon—transferred

                 Lindsey Tibbetts—class of 2005

                                                                    Bachelor’s of Science




Congratulations to our newest team members!