IB 610 – Regional International Business Studies – Dubai  [3]

  In-depth study of the conflicts, constraints, and opportunities facing firms operating in Dubai. The central regional focus will be Dubai, with the focus decreasing in the order of the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf States (GCC), and the broader Middle East. This course will provide students with the opportunity to undertake an intensive analysis of operating a global business in Dubai. This course includes a study abroad component, additional program fees, and requires permission of the instructor.    



The Instructor - Dr. Steven Congden teaches Strategic Management and Innovation Management in the MBA programs at the University of Hartford. He is currently the director of the MBA program.  Prior to joining the Barney faculty in 1995, he had been at Ithaca College and the University of Massachusetts, and had also worked in operations management in the petro-chemical industry in Houston. His research primarily focuses on the strategic uses of technology, and the impacts of technological change.  Dr. Congden recently taught Strategic Management at a German University for a term. More recently, he has done several cross-cultural studies, and has taken classes of MBA students to Dubai in January in each of the last four years.