Application Check List

Step 1: Contact Course Instructor (May– September 15)

·        Please contact the instructor by email if you are interested in applying for the course. Include contact phone numbers and additional email addresses if possible.

Step 2: Study Abroad Application (May– September 15)

·        Complete Short-term Study Abroad Application and Acknowledgement of Cancellation Policy form (click for forms)

·        Fill out, sign, and submit application and cancellation policy forms to Sarah Reuter at the University of Hartford International Center. Also pay a deposit of $500 via credit card or check made payable to the University of Hartford. Write your UofH Student ID on any check sent.  Checks and applications should be mailed to Sarah Reuter, GSU 328, University of Hartford, 200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT 06117.  Deposits are refundable until September 15.  The remainder of trip tuition and fees will be due on September 28.  Withdrawal from the course after that date may result in financial penalties.

Step 3:  Student Eligibility Confirmed (on-going until September 15)

·        Students will receive an email or phone call from the international center or the course instructor notifying them of their eligibility.

Step 4: Study Abroad Confirmation (September 15- September 28)

·        Students will be notified of sufficient enrollment to run the course

·        Make full payment for the course minus the $500 already deposited (i.e., $4135 - $500 = $3635). Make payment in the same manner as the deposit (described above).

·        Please scan the photo and signature pages (as one image) of your passport to a pdf file. Send as an email attachment to Most photocopiers will do this. Pay attention to the quality of the passport photo. Some site visits in Dubai require that we email copies of passports prior to the trip for security purposes. If the photo is not clear, they will ask for the scan to be redone.

Step 5: Attend first pre-trip meeting (Saturday, 19 November 2011)