Welcome to the Study Abroad in Dubai web site.

The Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford is pleased to offer this one week study abroad opportunity in Dubai, Dec. 27, 2011 - Jan. 5, 2012. The course, IB610 - Regional International Business Studies - Dubai, is open to matriculated and non-matriculated students in MBA program at the University of Hartford. Taking this course on a non-matriculated basis essentially allows one to try one course without the lengthier enrollment process of matriculation. University of Hartford undergraduates interested in taking the course as IB 310 are also welcome to apply.

Dubai has often been referred to as the fastest growing city in the world. It has become a principal financial center, a major hub of global trade, and a prime tourist destination, especially in the winter months. It has home-grown, world class corporations such as Emirates Airlines and Dubai Ports World, as well as many transplant corporations. You might have heard that services giant Halliburton moved its world headquarters from Houston to Dubai. All this activity has resulted in annual GDP growth of 13% from 2000-2006, 80% annual population growth, and at one point, the use of around 20% of the world’s total supply of construction cranes. This dynamic city-state looks noticeably different every time one visits it! One might imagine that this growth has been bought with oil wealth, yet oil and gas revenues accounted for only 2.1% of Dubai’s GDP in 2008, and have declined since. Dubai has made an extraordinary effort to diversify and modernize its economy.

With the recent economic downturn, many of the real estate projects came to a halt as the speculative bubble in the real estate sector burst. Container shipments also slowed. However, many economists see Dubai again on an upward trajectory, projecting 3-4% GDP growth for 2011. Other industries in Dubai are fairly sound, and Dubai remains the preferred location in the region for many international businesses given its relatively favorable regulatory and cultural environment.

Whatever the future of Dubai, its unique circumstances, government, culture, etc., make it worth studying. An international business course in Dubai offers an opportunity to witness firsthand this truly exceptional economic phenomena and a means to explore the questions of Dubai’s growth and future.

I hope you will seriously consider this opportunity to study abroad in Dubai. This trip includes many site visits to companies as well as other fun activities. Similar trips were done the last four winters jointly with the College of Charleston. Previous trips have had excellent weather and have gone very smoothly- to rave reviews I am told! We will again be sharing logistics with the College of Charleston. I hope you will find the information you need on this website, but please feel free to contact me for further details or clarifications. I also strongly recommend you visit the application page of this website - and apply! Space is limited (10 students) and qualified applicants will be accepted on a first come first basis.



Steven Congden
Course Instructor