Sara of the Meadow

At a time when people were either preoccupied with planting crops, chopping wood, or coping with freezing temperatures; Sara was always preoccupied with just living. She had a zest for life. She loved to dance in the meadow to the morning sun, and danced with a grace and beauty never seen before or since along the moutainsides.

She shared a special friendship with Dave MacKensie, and the two of them could often be found swimming in the river or running through the meadow. The people around the fort disapproved of their antics - swimming in water was considered to be unhealthy, and dancing in the meadow was sinful when there was work to be done.

Possessing great beauty, she had many suitors, but strangely never married. She never left home, and never experienced the rest of the world she was so eager to see. She was known to be especially kind and loving, and was always respectful and loving to her parents. She worked on the family farm until the day she died in June of 1812.

She was said to take Dave's disappearance, her special kindred spirit, especially hard. She was seen sobbing deeply for weeks after the news. She never returned to the meadow after his disappearance, except for one day each year in the fall, with all her brillant colors and the gentle rain of the leaves upon the New Hampshire countryside.

She never participated in any of the special events of her day. The farthest she ever traveled was Deerfield. Her name was never mentioned in a newspaper or book.

Everyone who met her said they were a little bit richer inside for having known her. She was forever remembered as Sara of the Meadow, beloved by all.