Alec Wilson

One of four sons born to Jeremiah and Sarah Wilson in Saybrook Ct. in the year 1727. Was raised on a farm, but always yearned for adventure and a place by the sea. Joined Rogers Rangers in search of such adventure.

One of the strongest Rangers, he was also known to speak softly, and was known to have a gentle heart. While guarding Janette, one of the Abenaki prisoner women taken from the St. Francis raid, he fell deeply in love with her shortly after the return to Fort No. 4.

He and Janette joined forces with Dave Mackenzie in raft and canoe building on the banks of the Ct. River just outside the fort. Before he could finish a proper cabin for the two of them, he took sick with the Chicken Pox in February, and was quarantined in the fort for three months.

While in quarantine at the fort he became the favorite of children with the stories he would tell them. The children were often seen huddled around his bed, always begging for just one more story. Despite being gravely ill, he found the strength each day to drag himself up and do whatever chores needed to be done. Dave MacKenzie visited often, sometimes slipping him a favorite brew of the Rangers known simply as "Ping".

Weak from Rogers Return, Alec was not able to keep the pox from raging in his body, and he succumbed before his time May 12, 1760. His gravestone can be seen today not far from the fort, along with those of Emily Mackenzie and a marker for Dave MacKenzie who disappeared in 1775.