Janette - Women of Grace

One of three Abenaki women taken prisoner by the Rangers at St. Francis, she survived the infamous Rogers Return to Fort No. 4. On the journey she is credited with saving a Rangers life - Dave Mackenzie - by healing his badly infected leg wound with plants she found along the way.

Her great beauty caught the eye of many of the men at the fort, and eventually took up household with another surviving Ranger - Alec Wilson. The two became inseperable. Alec came down with the pox in February of 1760 and died shortly later.

Without Alec, she sustained herself by making various leather goods and gardening. Dave MacKenzie, eternally grateful, bought her supplies or did chores that needed to be done. He also protected her from the other settlers who often meant to do her harm, and was known to fight any man who dared to say an unkind word about her.

She was shunned by most of the settlers around the fort, partly because she was Abenaki, partly because the women resented the constant stares by the men raptured by her beauty. The settlers around the fort being mostly Calvanistic in doctrine, had little love for Native Americans, believing the Lord had not chosen them as heirs of heaven.

With a kind and loving spirit, she made dolls for two small children for Christmas. It was rumored the dolls were returned to her cabin the next day with their heads chopped off and a note which read, "We don't take no presents from bloody savages".

Dave Mackenzie made the journey with her in March of 1761 northward to the Abenaki village. She was never heard from again, but many years later it was believed that she married and had 2 children.