The Indomitable Chauncey Goodrich

Breaking into song one night around the campfire, the true identity of Chauncey was identified. Chauncey, a.k.a Sarah English, had joined the Rangers disguised as a man. Now identified as a women, the Rangers were still unanimous in their decision to let her remain a Ranger. "Hell, she works twice as hard as any man in the brigade", proclaimed lieutenant Barrett.

Chauncey was also one of the few survivors of the St Francis raid. The Abenaki, later learning of her true identity, released a white prisoner - instructed him to deliver a turkey feather to Chauncey. The feather was to honor her courage during the raid.

She was accused of being a Tory spy during the Revolution, and strong evidence suggests she was, but there was never enough evidence to convict her. Most thought the constable hadn't the stomach to hang a women, or a former Ranger.

Always never able to sit still, she headed west shortly after the Revolution. Although there is no record of what happened to her, most claim she died of stab wounds from a fight she initiated at a rendezvous with three drunk trappers.