The Legend of Wade Stoner

The stories of Wade Stoner are too numerous to list on this page - they are what has made Wade Stoner a legend. A survivor of Rogers Rangers raid on St. Francis, he used cunning and stealth to infiltrate any enemy camp.

He caused Colonel Bomadour of the Regiment de la Sarre to issue a challenge to Wade to infiltrate his camp outside of Crown Point on All Hallows Eve. Wade traversed through nearly 300 men at the French camp who were waiting in ambush for him. Upon reaching the colonel's tent, Wade placed a 10 inch knife on the colonels throat and quietly whispered in his ear, "your dead". Yet instead of killing the colonel where he lay, Wade cut off all of his buttons, stuffed them in his pocket, and slipped back out through the enemy camp the way he came in. The colonel was thence known privately by his men as simply "Buttons".

Wade served in the American Revolution on the colonial side, including the battle of Saratoga. He opened a mercantile business outside Detroit through the help of Lord Thomas, a fellow ranger who also survived the perilous raid on St. Francis. His business became very successful and he lived to the ripe old age of 84, before passing away of natural causes in 1821.