French and Indian War

Dave settles just outside Fort #4 upon the conclusion of his time with Rogers Rangers in 1759. It was a place he loved, and would always call his home. He takes up building rafts for settlers traveling up and down the Connecticut River and canoes for fishing. He joins forces with fellow ranger Alec in his business. Unfortunately, Alec would pass away well before his years of the pox in the spring of 1761. He leaves behind an Abenaki women he set up household with whom Dave now cares and watches over. The other settlers dislike the Indian women, and Dave finds himself always having to protect her. Finally, in March of 1761, he treks back to Abenaki country and returns her to her people.

Dave falls deeply in love with a women named Emily who also lives just outside the confines of the fort. Her father, disliled by everyone and mean spirited, refuses to let Emily marry without a bag of gold coins from Dave to the amount of 150 shillings. Not a rich man, Dave saves for 2 years to meet her fathers demands only to be rebuffed once again. A generous friend who loves Dave gives him the money to marry. They marry on Christmas Eve in 1761. Daves short time with Emily are his happiest. It is ironic that a drunken Abenaki brave clubs Emily to death in the summer of 1764, the same tribe that Dave saved from destruction at St. Francis, the same tribe that Janette was from who Dave protected and saved.

photo: Emily braiding Janettes hair in the spring of 1761, just prior to her return to her own people