French and Indian War

Hopelessly bored in Connecticut, and not taking much to farming, Dave leaves home in the summer of 1756 to join Rogers Rangers upon opening guns of the French and Indian War. He spends time at Fort William Henry in 1756, just prior to its capture in 1757. He endures the rigors of Fort Edward and Rogers Island, where many of his comrades fall to smallpox. Rogers himself takes a shine to him as one of his most trusted men. He serves in two of the most famous Rangers campaigns, the Battle on Snowshoes in 1758 and the ill fated attack on St Francis in 1759. He is one of only a few rangers to survive the raid on St. Francis, and a bad leg wound incurred from the raid musters him out of the Rangers for good in 1759. He learns his only brother is missing in action while fighting for the 78th Frasier Highlanders.

photo: Abe - succumbed 1757 to smallpox on Rogers Island; Gibb - scalped in 1758 at battle of snowshoes