Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What special eqiupment will I need?

A. You will need no special equipment. We will provide paddles, boat, and PFD. Note: All paddlers must wear a pfd during the race as required by law.

Q. What type of clothing should I wear?

A. The weather can range all the way from sunny and 85 to rain and 50. You may have to adjust just prior to race day. Be sure to wear something on your feet that you don't mind getting wet. For those paddlers portaging, make sure your footwear is adequate - flip-flops won't make it.

Q. What if our boat tips over?

A. Should you go over get to shore with your boat as soon as possible. Someone will probably be by soon to help. Note: the water at this time of year is still VERY COLD. Be careful.

Q. What will all this cost?

A. The fee for the race is $30.00 payable to myself as soon as possible - 5 men, 5 women. If there is enough interest we may take two boats for a total of 20. It is first come first serve so register early. We would like everyone to stay at the same hotel the night before but if you would rather come up the day of the race or stay with someone else you know in the area that is fine. If you wish to buddy up with one of the other paddlers let me know. Whatever you decide on lodging please let me know. We have not yet decided on what hotel we will be staying at but in the past we have stayed at the Marriott in Newton (800) 228-9290 click here to register electronically The hotel is right on the Charles river and makes for a good practice spot on Saturday just before the race. Saturday night is spent in Boston - afterward some prefer to go clubbing, others want to hit the sack early.

Q. How much practice do I need?

A. That is up to you. The event is for charity, and although we would like to do well, we are more interested in having a good time. If you are not in shape you will pay the price by being sore the next day. Many of the people in the past never practiced, if you have never been in a canoe before though it would be advisable to practice at least once. The object is to have fun, but also to be safe.

Q. Portaging has me a little worried, can you tell me a little more?

A. Four of the five teams will require at least one portage. Three of the six portages will be with four instead of two paddlers. Fast portages can make up significant time lost in the water. We will be using a fairly heavy boat - about 72 lbs.

Q. What type of boat will we be paddling?

A. We will be using a stable, easy to manuveur boat.