A Short Success Story For Hartford Engineers

The University of Hartford engineers sport a long success story with canoe building. Seen as the "scourch of the circuit" in concrete canoe racing, the engineers this year have decided to raise the bar a notch and start competing with their concrete canoe against the other kevlar and carbon fiber models seen in many canoe races. Their first attempt at taking on the lighter weight hulls will be at this years running of the Charles River Race.

Hartford models often have a Eugene Jensen look about them, only their proportions are larger. The new Rainbow 333 is a round hull with straight ends. She has no keel, and has just a touch of tumblehome in the bow section. The Hartford designs of the past have always been award winners, and this years new Rainbow 333 should be no exception.

Jitters at the start...

A close finish - but it is Hartford in first again.

Nosing out Northeastern.

A well deserved rest

The agony of defeat - URI loses to Hartford once more.

Smiles for the Victors...