A Land On Fire

Dave finds himself caught in a world aflame. At the conclusion of the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland, Dave and his family migrate to the Americas with his fellow clansmen. Soon he's caught up in the French and Indian War, also known as the "War that Made America". The war teaches him about prejudice and hatred. The French and English empires are fighting over riches to be found in the Americas, Indian tribes war against the colonists and each other, and the colonists find themselves fighting the French and Indians raiding their homesteads. After the war Dave finds more prejudice when he protects an Abenaki women living outside the confines of Fort #4 from the religious and racial hatred of the other colonists. Not finding much luck in life, Dave's only brother is missing and never found while fighting for the 78th Frasier Highlanders in the French and Indian War. He is heartbroken when his beloved wife dies at an early age, clubbed to death by a renegade Indian. He mysteriously disappears after the battle of Saratoga during the American Revolution where some claim next to Benedict Arnold he was the one most responsible for turning the tide of battle. He was remembered by friends as a man whom everyone loved.

photo: Entranceway to Fort #4 - New Hampshire Land Grants