Barack Obama Vs. Race Controversy

Barrack in the following two links is being depicted as a Radical. Due to what a rapper named “Ludacris” said about him in a song. People are talked about everyday during songs there nothing new there, but now people want to take more notice to what is said just because it is about him. For one he has no responsibility over what people say about him. Which is why it not understandable why he is being called a Flip flopper and saying he has a radical association. They even go as far to say that he is a Black Panther. Which is believed that he would never even be consider to be said call that if not for his race. There has been times during other elections when singers have made songs to support their candidate that they are supporting but now it suppose to be held against them all of a sudden.

In the following link you can see how Obama tries to make his election not have to deal with race at all. Even as he went through all those hardships about race he still became a beacon of hope as he became the Democratic candidate and is now currently the elected president of the United States. In the final two links you see Obama victory speech after winning the election and possibly changing the world forever.


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