Project #1: Amelia Earhart Retreat Home

The Amelia Earhart Retreat home. This is design project tested our ability to design a retreat home for a client that we knew nothing about. Some of our clients were no longer alive. Our goal was to the best of our ability design a place for a client that best suited their personality without having meet them knor being to literal. For example, I had Amelia Earhart, just because she flew planes didn't mean i need to design her home in the shape of a plane. Instead i took the knowledge i had of her and translated it into something different.
Amelia Earhart was and adventurous, strong, independent woman. She loved to travel the world and be different. So with that i designed a retreat home for her that was built out of the side of a cliff. I felt this idea would fulfill her adventurous personality.


In the model and section it is obvious to see that only someone who was adventurous and daring would be willing enter this home. In order to get into the house you have to climb down a ladder on the side of the cliff and enter from a ceiling roof.
From there the design of the home is a circular downward spiral with windows on every outside wall including the bottom floor allowing you to look down to the bottom of the cliff.