1. Contests are open to all full- and part-time matriculated undergraduate students in good academic standing who have been or are currently enrolled in one or more University of Hartford courses between January 2005 and February 2006. Cash awards to any student with outstanding debts to the Univeristy (parking tickets, etc.) will be applied first to that debt.

2. Entries will be judged anonymously by members of the English Department and other faculty of the University.

3. A student’s total submission may include three poems and as many as two pieces of prose, or six poems (in two categories) and one piece of prose, or three pieces of prose only. A submission to the general poetry category may include three poems. A submission to the metaphysical poetry category may include three poems. In no other category may a student enter more than one piece. Each student may enter work in no more than three of the ten prize categories.

4. Each submission must be in original manuscript only, submitted electronically via email attachment or deposited in the proper mailbox in the hallway across from A212g. No names or other identifying marks should appear on the manuscripts. Cover sheets must be completed correctly.

5. Electronic submissions prefered. No submission will be read without the separate cover sheet or email Message containing the writer’s name, local address, telephone number, the title(s) of works, and the category or categories to which each submission belongs in the email Subject box.

6. Winners will be notified by mail on or before April 15, 2006. Awards will be presented at a public ceremony on the last Friday of the Spring semester, to which all students and their families and friends will be invited.

7. Submissions must be made electronically or deposited physically at A212g before 3 p.m., Tuesday, March 28, 2006.