Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

“Some of the best courses I ever took were required.” We hope you will be saying this after completing the Communication Core curriculum, designed both to give you a solid foundation in the study of communication and to integrate the sub-fields of Advertising and Public Relations, Communication Studies, and Media and Journalism. Integration helps you see connections and is an important goal of the core because the world of communication is increasingly integrated, fueled by technological innovations allowing us to watch TV, view ads, listen to music, send text messages, make phone calls and more—all using one device.

Each major must complete the following Communication Core courses:

  • CMM 110 Introduction to Communication (3 cr.)
  • CMM 311 Research Methods in Communication (3 cr.)
  • CMM 411 Communication Theory (3 cr.)

Plus one writing course:
CMM 250W Fundamentals of Journalism (3 cr.)
- or -
CMM 253W Writing for the Media (3 cr.)

(If you are a current student who matriculated prior to 2007, follow the requirements in place the year you started at the University. Your advisor can help you if you have questions about requirements.)

To satisfy the 36 credits of requirements for the major in Communication, besides completing the Communication Core (12 cr.), you must complete an emphasis in the major. If you choose the Advertising and Public Relations emphasis or the Communication Studies emphasis, you must take two courses (6 cr.) from the other emphases by taking one course in each of the other two emphases or two courses in either one of them.* You also must have at least a 2.25 grade point average in the major to graduate.

*For the purpose of satisfying this requirement, the following classes are considered part of the Advertising and Public Relations emphasis: CMM 260, 271, 360, 371, 448, 460, 462, 471, and 486. The following classes are considered part of the Communication Studies emphasis: CMM 212, 222, 225W, 230, 251, 310, 325, 335, 340, 343, 366, 412, 422, 428, and 447. The following classes are considered part of the Media and Journalism emphasis: CMM 210, 240, 242, 244, 246, 281, 315, 317, 318, 330, 345, 346, 350W, 353, 354W, 355, 356W, 362, 415, 425, 430, 440, 442, 444, 445, 449, 450, 452, 453, 457, 458, and 481. One course, CMM 215, is counted as part of all of the emphases.

Under Forms/Guides you'll find a list with descriptions of all Undergraduate Communication courses and the College of Arts & Sciences section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for 2013–14.

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