Freshman Dialogue Program

Starting college is both exciting and scary for most students. They begin their first year with so many questions. What are classes like? What is expected of me? Will I make friends quickly? Where do I go if I need help? Freshman Dialogue, an innovative 1-credit program designed to help students make a successful academic and social transition to college, will not only provide answers to these and many other questions, it will bring you together with other students who may become close college friends.

All first-year students participate in Dialogue in the Fall semester. Students, in groups of about ten, meet weekly with their assigned Dialogue advisor who is a faculty member in the School of Communication. Sometimes the entire School of Communication freshman class meets together. The one-hour weekly meetings cover varied topics such as academic expectations, getting along with a roommate, time management, and who is who in the School of Communication. A number of activities introduce students to people and services on campus like the Career Center, academic support services, Study Abroad, and communication student organizations like WSAM or STN-2. Academic advising sessions also take place in Dialogue to help you choose your second semester courses or get advice about your Fall classes. Groups sometimes attend cultural or social events on or off campus, and all groups feast at the annual luncheon at the University’s 1877 Club with its famous all-you-can-eat dessert table.

Advising Beyond Dialogue

Advising Beyond DialogueAnother plus of the Dialogue Program is that your advisor continues on as your advisor until you graduate. The good advisor-student relationship begun in Dialogue means the faculty member advising you about course selection, careers, graduate school or other academic issues knows you as an individual student. Of course you can request a new advisor if you discover that another faculty member’s expertise or style are a better match for you.

If you come to the School of Communication as a transfer student from another program in the University or from another university, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from the School. Besides meeting each semester to discuss courses to take, you are encouraged to see your advisor to discuss your academic program, career goals and maybe even the Yankees vs. Red Sox.

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