Graduate Program WelcomeThe Master of Arts in Communication requires 33 credit hours of approved graduate courses. The student and faculty advisor design a program of study that includes:



*Two required courses:
CMM 650 Seminar in Communication (taken as early as possible in the degree program) (3 cr.)
CMM 655 Communication Research Methods (3 cr.)

*Completion of an emphasis area (9 cr.)
 • Media
 • Human Communication Studies
 • Integrated communication
(You also may choose to design an individualized program in consultation with your advisor.)

*Elective courses (12 cr.)
Selected from regular courses or special topics courses offered by the School of Communication or other graduate programs at the University.

*Completion of the thesis or non-thesis option (6 cr.)

Thesis Option

*CMM 790 Thesis Preparation
*CMM 791 Thesis (6 cr.)

The thesis is an independent academic project directed by a faculty member. Detailed information is provided in the Graduate Thesis Manual

Non-Thesis Option

*Completion of two additional graduate courses (6 cr.)
*Comprehensive examination.
Students must pass an exam in which they answer questions related to their area of specialization, including major theoretical perspectives and research methodologies employed in this area.

Up to 6 credits may be transferred toward the Communication M.A. from other institutions. These will be applied at the discretion of the director of graduate study.

The College of Arts & Sciences section of the Graduate Bulletin for 2007–08 that explains the graduate program in the School of Communication in further detail, along with a list of the courses offered in the program, can be found under Forms/Guides. You can also access the Graduate Handbook and a document called "Getting Started as a Graduate Student" there.

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