Graduate Advising

Graduate school can be intimidating, especially if text messaging wasn't a way to communicate the last time you were in a college course. As a graduate student you will be assigned a faculty advisor to guide you through the program. Your advisor can help you choose an emphasis, select electives, or discuss further graduate study or career plans. Should you opt for an individualized program rather than an existing emphasis, your advisor will assist you in designing a program that meets your goals and the degree requirements.

You may also discover shared academic interests with other faculty in the School of Communication and may choose to work with them on a project, your thesis, or other independent study. Students in our program have written theses on topics such as shyness, managers’ use of humor, organizational conflict, communication technologies like email and texting, public relations campaigns, rap music, critical analyses of television shows like Dawson’s Creek, Spike Lee’s films, and images of gender and race in the media. With faculty guidance, our students have had success publishing their work and presenting it at scholarly conferences. Faculty members have occasionally organized groups of graduate students to present their research in panels at conferences, such as the Eastern Communication Association and National Communication Association.

Faculty also work with students to help them further their professional career or academic goals. They provide invaluable guidance to interested students about doctoral programs or careers in communication-related fields such as human resources, corporate communications or media production.

Students in the program can find out about current information concerning the program and classes by accessing the Blackboard WebsiteOpen link in a new window for School of Communication graduate students. This web site is a great resource, providing information about events in the School, research opportunities for graduate students, classes for upcoming terms, links to helpful web sites for research and scholarly organizations in communication, and much more.

Current graduate students can also access the Self-Service Center which allows students to register for classes on line after consulting with their academic advisor. The Self Service Center is located hereOpen link in a new window. You can use this site to register for classes, get information about courses offered for upcoming terms, find out your grades for classes at the end of the term, review your academic transcript and for many other purposes. Students that have been admitted to the program are assigned a student identification number that can be used to access the Self-Service Center.

New graduate students may find the document "Getting Started as a Graduate Student," located under Forms/Guides, helpful.

Because the School of Communication values diversity, we encourage international students to apply to our program. We have several graduate students in our program from countries around the world. Information and resources for international students is available hereOpen link in a new window.

The Forms/Guides section provides useful materials for current students in the School of Communication graduate program.

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