UH Farmer's Market


The University of Hartford Farmer's Market began from discussions in Professor Cloutier's All University Curriculum (AUC) course, Issues in Health and Society: Weighing In (AUCT 115), pertaining to the importance of access to fresh produce for obesity prevention and treatment. The importance of access to whole foods for public health overall was also addressed in Professor Cloutier's biology and nutrition classes. Class related field trips to local farms and Farmer's Market captivated students, who wanted to further the ability of local farmers to bring their nutritious and delicious foods to the Hartford community, which - of course - included themselves as students at UH! Further class discussions led to the development of a UH Farmer's Market proposal, hand-delivered by a group of students and Professor Cloutier to President Harrison's office - and one year later (Fall 2014)- the UH Farmer's Market begins!

For those interested, please contact Marissa Cloutier by email.
Konover Parking Lot
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117