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Department of Politics, Economics and International Studies
Michael Clancy is a Professor in the Department of Politics, Economics and International Studies at the University of Hartford where he specializes in teaching international politics. He is  also director of the  interdisciplinary International Studies program. He earned a B.A. at St. Olaf College and a Masters and Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before coming to Hartford, Clancy taught briefly at Smith, Mount Holyoke and Williams Colleges. He was also recently a senior scholar in residence at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

At Hartford he specializes in International Relations, but also teaches introductory Introduction to Politics and the capstone course for majors as well as International Studies courses. Clancy has also taught in the First Year Seminar program, the Honors program and in the All University Curriculum at Hartford.


Current Courses: Spring 2017

POL 390ST: Buying Global Change

IS 400: Capstone in International Studies

Other Courses:

First Year Seminar 100: Globalizing People
IS 100W: Introduction to International Studies

POL 100: American Government
POL 120: Comparative Politics
POL 130: International Relations
POL 200w: Politics
POL 231: Global Political Economy

POL 290ST: Global Political Economy
POL 321: Political Change and Development
POL 330: U.S. Foreign Policy

POL 331: International Organization and Law
POL 332W: The Politics of War
POL 400: Capstone Seminar in Politics and Government
POL 400: Capstone in Politics in Government

POL 439: Seminar: The Iraq War

POL 439: Seminar in International Relations: Security and Democracy in the Age of Terror

HON 385: The Politics of International Tourism

AUC 110: Sources of Power

Research and Professional

Michael Clancy's research intersects the fields of international and comparative politics by focusing upon the political economy of development with a concentration on international tourism. He has written about various aspects of tourism and development in the Global South. His book Brand New Ireland: Tourism, Development and National Identity in the Irish Republic was published by Ashgate Press in 2009. He is also the author of Exporting Paradise: Tourism and Development in Mexico(London: Pergamon 2001). He has written about Global Commodity Chains and tourism, sex tourism, and slow tourism. He has also written teaching cases published by the Case Program at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University.  

His research has also appeared in the Review of International Political Economy, Latin American Research Review, Annals of Tourism Research, Studies in Comparative International Development and Globalizations. Recent publications:

2014         “Slow Tourism: Ethics, Aesthetics and Consumptive Values,” in
                  Clare Weeden and Karla Boluk, eds. Managing Ethical Consumption in
                  Tourism. London, Routledge

2012         “Boom, Bust and the Changing Geography of Irish Tourism,” Irish
                  Geography 44, 2-3, pp. 173-90

2012          “Security and the Future of Tourism,” in James Leigh, Craig
                    Webster and Stanislav Ivanov, eds., Future Tourism: Political,
                    Social and Economic Challenges. London: Routledge, 2012, pp.

2011         “Re-Presenting Ireland: Tourism, Branding and National Identity in
                  Ireland,” 2011, Journal of International Relations and Development 14, pp. 281-308

2010         “Global Commodity Chains and Tourism: Past Research and Future
                   Directions,” chapter five in Jan Mosedal, ed. Political Economy and
                   Tourism, London: Routledge

Clancy is currently at work on two projects: One is an edited bookproject on slow tourism, food and cities.  He is also in the early stages of a study on the 9/11 Museum in New York that looks at tourism, memory and national identity.

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