Installation pictures of the Audient Install

Recently we replaced our MCI JH636 in the Analog recording studio with an Audient ASP-8024. This replacement project included the decommissioning of the JH636 and the commissioning of the ASP-8024. We ran all new wiring to the patch panels to and from the console and associated equipment. The students helping out had the chance to solder wires and learn how to wire a patch panel. This was a good experience for all involved.

Here are a few links to the paperwork for the install. These are in Adobe PDF format. The first is the patch panel. This was done as an Excel file then we followed that for install. The second is the wiring diagram. I did this in AutoCAD so the students would know how everything is wired together.

The Patch Panel
The Wiring Diagram

Aud Inst Pic 1 Aud Inst Pic 2 Aud Inst Pic 3 Aud Inst Pic 4 Aud Inst Pic 5
This is a picture of the MCI in place. This is a view of the wiring before the update. We removed the effects rack to get to the bulk of the wiring. The console was unhooked and wires cleaned up. Here are some students working on desoldering the patch panels. These will be used in the new console installation.
Aud Inst Pic 6 Aud Inst Pic 7 Aud Inst Pic 8 Aud Inst Pic 9 Aud Inst Pic 10
The wiring was pre-planned using a CAD drawing of the back of the console blown up to full scale. Here is the new console in it's packaging. The box just barely fit down the hallway. We had to take the console out of the box and roll it in sideways for it to fit. Here is the new console before the wiring process started. Students hard at work making the wire runs for the inputs.
Aud Inst Pic 11 Aud Inst Pic 12 Aud Inst Pic 13 Aud Inst Pic 14 Aud Inst Pic 15
The wire runs were installed on the console and then run under the floor. Each wire had to be stripped and soldered. The room is going to look a lot worse before it gets better. This is the back of the patchbay in process. This is the almost finished console. We just have a few cleanup things to do to make it complete.