Robert Bradford Newman Medal Awarded to Uha Student

John and Donna Miller (left) Denise M. Miller,  and faculty advisor Robert Celmer '78.
As if the day had not been special enough, Denise M. Miller and her parents received
a wonderful surprise at the College of Engineering's Commencement ceremony on May 18, 2003, when it was announced that she had been chosen to receive the
Robert Bradford Newman Medal for Merit
in Architectural Acoustics.

Miller won the award for her work in constructing an acoustical model of Hartt's Millard Auditorium. Using a process called auralization, she produced a simulation of the auditorium's sound from two different audience seats. She compared her simulation of Millard's sound to recordings she made with a binaural head, which is a dummy head with microphones in its ears.

The highly selective national award, administered by the Acoustical Society of America, is named for Robert B. Newman of BBN (Bolt,
Beranek & Newman), one of the original acoustical consulting companies in the United States. BBN became nationally known for its work with the Warren Commission when it was investigating the Kennedy assassination. BBN analyzed tape recordings of the event to determine how many shots were fired and if there could have been more than one gunman.