Acoustics Student Honored with ASA Newman Award

There was a look of rare bewilderment on Dave Dick’s face when he arrived at the December 2010 student chapter meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Besides the usual contingent of students and faculty, there in the room was CETA Dean Lou Manzione and . . . Dave's entire family! Everyone but Dick was in on the unexpected announcement that he had won the Robert Bradford Newman Student Medal for Merit in Architectural Acoustics.

This highly selective national award, administered by the Acoustical Society of America, is named for Robert B. Newman of BBN (Bolt, Beranek & Newman, one of the original acoustical consulting firms). Students selected for the Newman Medal must have demonstrated excellence in this discipline and in the application of acoustical design principles in the course of their studies. Dave, who graduated last December, was honored for his work on an investigation of Listener Envelopment, or the sense of being immersed in a concert hall sound field. Dick’s major contribution to the project was creating a detailed 3-D room acoustics computer model of The Belding Theater concert hall in downtown Hartford. The results of this study are significant, since it is the first project to examine the relationship between listener envelopment and a room’s total acoustic absorption.

David A. Dick hails from Norwalk, CT, and recently accepted an acoustic engineering position with Bose Corporation in Framingham, Mass.

Posted: 2011