Types of Dogs

The first picture is a Beagle. I have a dog named Tanner that is part Beagle.
The second picture is one of my dogs named Cody, she is a Chow/Golden Retriever mix.
The third picture is a Golden Retriever. These are one of my favorite types of dogs.
Growing up I have always had a dog. In my life time I have had five dogs so far. First a had a Black Lab named Jake. I had a German Shepard named Cody in the past also.  Now I have the Beagle Mix named Tanner, the Chow/Golden mix named Cody and a German Shepard named Mya. Two of my dogs had the same name at one time because when I got the Chow/Golden mix she already knew her name that happened to be the same as another one of my dog's names.

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