Colonel Forbinís Ascent



Trey Anastasio

Guitar, Vocal, Composer

Mike Gordon

Bassist, Vocals

Page McConnell

Keyboard, Piano, Vocals

Jon Fishman

Drums, Vocals


Forbin was a retired Colonel living on Long Island who, one day, walking with his dog McGrupp, finds a portal to a land called Gamehendge.It is a land of vast green forest and a large mountain.Gamehenge is inhabited by The Lizards.

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The Lizards are simple people who coincide harmoniously and peacefully, as taught by the Helping Friendly Book, which contains all knowledge of TreyIsWilson.jpgthe ancient secrets of eternal joy and never-ending splendor.


A man named Wilson arrived in Gamehendge and lived among the Lizards, learning all about them. Since they were trusting people, they welcomed him as one of themselves.Wilson took advantage of this, however, and eventually took the Helping Friendly Book, used it to enslave The Lizards, and hid the book away in a tower...


At the time that Colonel Forbin enters Gamehendge, The Lizards are living in bondage to the evil Wilson, and are plotting a revolution. After Colonel Forbin meets the revolutionaries Tela, Rutherford the Brave, Errand Wolfe, Roger; Mr. Palmer, the accountant, who is killed by the AC/DC Bag and a robot, Forbin decides to get the Helping Friendly Book back and free the Lizards colorado.jpgfrom Wilson's tyranny.


He climbs the mountain to meet the great and knowledgeable Icculus, the prophet who wrote the Book, or at least whom the Lizards prophesize wrote the book, since no one has/had actually seen him.


At the top of the mountain, Forbin speaks to Icculus, who sends his friend the Famous Mockingbird to retrieve the Helping Friendly Book from the tower where Wilson has locked it away. He then presents the book to Errand Wolfe, who immediately uses it to take over Gamehendge, captures the Famous Mockingbird, and has the Sloth kill Wilson.


As Icculus had warned Forbin, with the help of the Book-

"a tree of knowledge in your soul will grow

And the Helping Friendly Book will plant the seed

But I warn you that all knowledge seeming innocent and pure

Becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of avarice and greed."


The revolution is thus destined to fail by its own successes.


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