Trip Specifications:


Trip - May 29th - June 14th 2012

29 undergraduate students

18 universities from United States & Canada

Visited Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Dead Sea, Tzfat, Eilat, Sderot, and northern strategic boarders

Interacted with 50+ businesses/start-ups

Cost - $555, plus additional food/beverage

Private transportation via Mercedes/Volvo tour bus

Average Day - 7:30am - 7pm à Enjoy Israeli Nightlife


Quick Facts:


Declared independence in 1948

Founder - David Ben Gurion

Post WWII - British recognized as a Jewish/Palestinian state

Size of New Jersey

Population – about 7.5 million

Israeli - 76.4%

Non-Israeli 23.6%

Arab, Africans, Druze, etc. – remaining total

Unofficial National bird - ‘Crane’ (euphemism for construction equipment)

Capital - Jerusalem

Largest city - Tel-Aviv

No formal constitution

Government - Parliamentary Democracy

Time Zone: UTC +2

Currency – Shekel - about 4:1 USD

Typical work week, Sunday-Thursday

Post high school, all citizens drafted into Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

Unemployment rate = about 5%


Israel Today:

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