Management Principals:


No middle management - power distance - non-existent

Going to CEO – common practice

Very visible in the army/business

Customer complaints - often not handled correctly

No sense of order during rendering of services - especially food related businesses

Intense bartering/price warfare occur - especially Shuk or ‘quarters’


Marketing Comparisons:


Major gaps in product/service expectations from Israeli businesses

“Gap 1 - what customers want and what management thinks customers want. Lack of market knowledge

Gap 3 - inability of management/employees to do what should be done, often caused by de-motivation

Gap 5 - service that customers receive and the service they desire are often not communicated properly”

Hard skills - well defined (computer science, engineering)

Soft skills – Lack of customer relations/market research/effective advertising

Chain retailing – non-existent

Wide range of products

No intermediaries involved in the supply chain


Finance/Accounting Notes:

Shows why price-fixing does not work

Catastrophic failure to analyze competitors and plan strategically for market penetration

Results - still decimating the cell phone market

Finance - dependent on FDI/V-C’s

Poor/no accounting records by public shops


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