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A Message from Ron

Hi everyone. Another semester of another academic year is off to a good start here. The studio from last year is intact except for the graduating Christine Gee, who is now teaching on Long Island. Additionally, we are welcoming two freshmen to our ranks. Luke Perry is double majoring in trombone performance and music education. He went to Irondequoit High School in the town of the same name, New York. He plays a Conn 88HT and studied with Steve Zugelder. Career goals include playing in a professional orchestra, playing at the highest possible level and teaching music to every age level. Along with playing jazz he also likes running, skiing, singing and socializing. He chose to attend Hartt to study with Dr. Borror and because of its reputation. Music education major Paul Valleau is from Milford, CT and attended Joseph A. Foran High School. He plays a King 3B with a Shilke 50 and studied with James Marbury, a former student of Dr. Borror. Paul chose Hartt because of the general level of musicianship among students and faculty. He likes the challenge of learning new instruments and aspires to any job in music that allows him to earn a living. Outside of his studies he enjoys sailing, biking and skateboarding. We welcome both of the fine young men to Hartt and wish them well in their studies! Please see Hartt Happenings for information about 2 exciting concerts.

Hartt Happenings

Two terrific Fall Semester concerts heavily involve the trombone world at Hartt. On 7 October, the Hartt Contemporary Players Ensemble is performing a concert featuring the trombone as solo instrument at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. Featured are current Hartt students Ronald Edwards, playing Roger Reynold’s “From behind the unreasoning mask” for trombone, percussion and pre-recorded 4 track and Matthew Russo, performing Elliott Schwartz’s “Essays” for trumpet and trombone. Also being featured are guests Benjamin Herrington with Alun Hoddinott’s “Ritornelli” for solo trombone and small ensemble and Julie Josephson, a former student of Dr. Borror. Julie will be playing the “Trio” for trombone, piano and mallets by Charles Wuorinen and her own composition “Collision Collage” from the “Harvest of Echoes” for trombone and 1947 John Deere B tractor. The program ends with le Creation du monde by Darius Milhaud, Matthew Russo playing the solo trombone part.

The second concert, on 20 November, highlights the Hartt Trombone Ensemble. The program is entitled “Trombones + 1” and brings together ensembles of different sizes performing works from the Renaissance, baroque, romantic and modern eras on alto, tenor and bass trombones and on sackbuts. Both concerts are at 7:30 PM and admission is free.

about TLC

Welcome to the Trombone Lover’s Collective. As you are aware, Web pages can take on a variety of formats, missions and visions. Though currently residing at The Hartt School, this site is dedicated to all my past, present and future students – whether from Aspen, Columbia, Hartt, North Carolina School of the Arts, Stony Brook, Wichita State or unaffiliated - and is intended to be a resource for them; a place where they have available meaningful exchange with me, but primarily, with each other, about any issue that might arise. The inspiration for finally building such a site came over the past few years when, after an unbelievable influx of contacts from former students, I was reminded how incredibly proud I am of most of my students and of their current endeavors. I hear from some not at all, and from others all too infrequently. I would love to know what everyone is doing. TLC is for all of you. Please use it, spread the word to other alumnae, and enjoy!



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