In Loving Memory
A Tribute to Paul and Janine

Paul and Janine Pensis were married in 1951 in Belgium. They immigrated to the United States from Brussels, Belgium shortly after their marriage. Their reason for immigrating was because Paul's father was offered a painting job in New London, CT. They settled in New London until 1964 when they moved to Preston. They remained in the house in Preston up until 2002.

Janine was always a stay-at-home mom. Paul held many different jobs; mechanic at Sears, owned his own garage, worked at Hostess Service soda company and later went on to purchase it. He owned Hostess for about 15 years. He sold it to a building company when he was retiring.

Together, they had six children; three boys and three girls. They named their children Marc,
Bernadette, DanielPierre, Madeleine, and Brigitte. There children gave them a dozen grandchildren; Nicole, Phillip, Tommy, Joshua, Amber, Jessica, Gabrielle, Christopher, Tabitha, Travis, Zachary and Hannah. They also had one great-granddaughter, Taylin. They first became grandparents in 1983.

Starting in the 1990's, Paul and Janine began to spend their winters in Naples, Florida. They stayed with Paul's brother until they were able to purchase their own winter home. In the months that they were back in CT, they rented their home out. They sold this home in 2003 to buy a new home.

Unfortunately, Paul became ill in 2003. He was first diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001. Then, in 2003, he was diagnosed with bone cancer while staying in Florida. Paul and Janine returned to CT where they moved in with their daughter, Madeleine. He was not able to beat the cancer and passed away in May of that year.

Janine moved in with her son, Pierre, after Paul's death. Her son was not able to offer her the care that she needed. Due to this, she moved once again. This time it was to Windsor Locks, with her daughter, Brigitte. She was diagnosed with alzheimers and later lung cancer. She survived Paul by 6 years. She passed away in February of 2009 in the comfort of her home.

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