Application Check List

Step 1: Contact Prof. George Generas

Please contact by email if you are interested in applying for the course. Include contact phone numbers and additional email addresses if possible.

Step 2: Application Process

Current Barney School Students:

The course is open to all students who have completed the BS degree in Business Administration that includes at least one introductory course in Management, as well as current graduate students who have completed the core requirements of their program and permission of the Instructor.

Non Barney School Students:

Students who have not yet been admitted to a Barney School Graduate Program (MBA/MS) must submit a completed program application ($45 fee waived) along with a copy of their most recent academic transcript.  A final official undergraduate transcript indicating degree awarded will be required for those students not yet admitted to a Barney School Graduate Program.

Complete Barney School Graduate Application and Acknowledgement of Cancellation Policy form (click for forms)

HOUSING AND MISCELLANEOUS - Accommodations will be in three and four star hotels in proximity to the campus of ESCP.    Lunches while visiting businesses, governmental or cultural locales will be covered by the program.  Public transportation tickets for weekdays and travel to on-site visits will be provided to participants. Participant’s choice of hotel class and single or double occupancy will determine final costs. Current estimates for the total cost are between $2,200 and $2,800 per person.  Dinners and week-end travel and other personal expenditures will be the responsibility of participants.  Airfare to and from Berlin will be the responsibility of participants.

TUITION COSTS – Tuition for the course is $1,935 covering tuition, books and fees. 

Step 3:  Student Eligibility Confirmed

Students will receive an email or phone call from Prof. George Generas notifying them of their eligibility.

Step 4: Enrollment Confirmation

Students will be notified of sufficient enrollment to run the course.

Step 5: Attend first pre-trip meeting