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University Libraries - Library Technologies
Web Applications Developer and Webmaster - November 1998 to present
Develop, design and maintain
  authenticated Electronic Reserves search web site
  Staff intranet secure web site
  University Libraries 480-page web site
  Web database web site
  Wolfgang Behl web site
Design and publish
  bookplates for patron contribution
  logos for brochures and web sites
  materials to promote library events and traffic
  Resources Newsletter - print and electronic format
Administer active server pages for special projects
Scan photos for image sites, archives and display; retouch where necessary
Evaluate and recommend hardware/software solutions
Convert paper publications to electronic format -
A Short History of the University
; Resources newsletter
Provide technical support for staff PCs and peripherals
Implement monthly statistical reports for server usage
Assist in proxy and search NT server operation
Supervise graphic design and development interns
Assist Director in library outreach efforts
Prepare vinyl lettering for departmental signage

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