Policy Brutality in the USA is reaching epidemic proportions. The authorities are clearly unwilling to question police tactics and behavior in any but the most superficially cosmetic manner for obvious political reasons.

Policy is made possible the arrogance of statist policies in many arenas. Our racist immigration policy is another aspect of this, which has clearly infected the police. As per Howard R. Olson, MA a Bioethicist, only the Libertarian Party and allied parties around the world are questioning in any relevant manner the whole issue of police brutality which statists right and left are seeking to ignore. It is time that the public at large demand rigorous Citizen Review of police behavior and reform the entire justice system in a humanistic, bioethical and scientific context.

Community Outraged

Officer Robert Allan shot Aquan, a robbery suspect in the back at 2 a.m. on April 13. Allan had said that the youth had ignored his commands to freeze and made a move as if reaching for a weapon, but some witnesses’ statements have conflicted with that account. Civilian review boards to monitor police conduct. Talks of male-only schools. More African American police officers. Those are some of the far-reaching solutions broached by angry, determined community leaders, in the wake of the fatal shooting of an unarmed 14-year-old boy by a Hartford police officer.

Checkered years at HPD

Four NYC Officers Indicted in Shooting

Four white police officers that shot and killed an unarmed black immigrant have been charged with second-degree murder in a case that has led to days of protests and hundreds of arrests. The charges in a sealed grand jury indictment were confirmed by a source close to the case who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Amadou Diallo, a 22-year-old street vendor from Guinea, was killed Feb. 4, outside his Bronx home, struck by 19 of 41 bullets fired at him. Officer’s Sean Carroll, Kenneth Boss, Edward McMellon and Richard Murphy were searching for a rape suspect.


An officer convicted, 3 acquitted in brutal assault of Abner Louima

Haitian immigrant while another officer tortured him in a stationhouse bathroom was found guilty and three other officers were acquitted of all charges in a case that inflamed race relations in the city.

A fifth Abner Louima a black man beaten and sexually assaulted by white police officers, are accused of holding down a officer pleaded guilty to ramming a wooden stick (a plunger) into the rectum of former security guard Abner Louima in the Brooklyn precinct house bathroom Aug. 9, 1997. Louima, 32, who underwent three surgeries and had a long hospital stay after the attack.

Four California Officers Shot and Killed a 19-year-old Woman


Four police officers that shot and killed a 19-year-old woman last December will not face criminal charges, Riverside County District Attorney said. A thorough investigation showed that the four officers, Daniel Hotard, Wayne Stewart, Michael Alagna and Paul Bugar—should not be held criminally liable for shooting Tyisha Miller as she sat in her car.

On December 28, 1998, Riverside police received a 911 call after Miller was found "unresponsive" in an idling car at a gas station. The caller said she had a handgun in her lap. The officers arrived and tried to retrieve the gun, according to their report, and said they opened fire when miller allegedly rose up and reached for the weapon.

Twenty-three shots were fired and Miller was hit 12 times.

The shooting sparked national protests by civil rights organizations, which said Miller’s death was racially motivated. The investigation showed no evidence that race played a part in the incident. The officers admitted that the plan to break the window of her locked car to get the gun out of her lap was a mistake, but did not warrant criminal charges.

It's A Nationwide Epidemic! It Has To...