Welcome to.....
......I don't exactly know how it is that you have ended up here in your journey through cyberspace, but I hope that you will find this page and it's links at least somewhat interesting. Anyway, thanks for your visit. At this point it might be a good idea to introduce myself. I have decided to provide links according to three major aspects of who I am. Click on each picture....(yes, they are all of me!) ....to go to that particular link. I have quite an interesting story, so "click away"!

To some, I am........
"MR." GREG BABAL- Instructor of piano at Hartt School. This section contains a short bio of my musical education and experiences, as well as some pics of special times with my beloved piano classes.

Greg, G, G-man, G-Dawg,Homes, Grzesiu, etc....This section contains a lot of pics and stuff about my "second life" working with young people in Poland.

Greg, the "Believer"- This was an area of my life that had little meaning for me until one day in 1977 when God intervened dramatically. Life has not been the same since. You can read this rather interesting story at this location.

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