My Favorite time of year is the Summer time, this is because i have been a boater all my life and during the summer i basically am at the marina with family and friends everyday. I have had my watercraft license since i was 13 years old and i can fully operate my 17ft Boston Whaler by myself.  Some hobbies of mine in the summer are taking my friends out to have a good time on the boat such as, wake boarding, trying new tricks, extreme tubing, cliff jumping, jet skiing and eating as much pizza as we can. Summer is also my favorite because its three months of stress free living from school.  It is a great break and i also love to watch football, my favorite team is the New England Patriots, i like to go rock climbing,hiking, quadding and driving around town blasting music with friends.
I really enjoy traveling the summer time is a great opportunity to drive the boat to block island, green port, the Thames River, and New Port, which is my personal favorite because it has great shopping.  I am obsessed with shopping (with purses mostly) but what girl isn't?  
I also enjoy just spending time with the family and watching some action packed movie.
My Life Motto:
;So many things i want to do, so many places i want to see, i'm scared, i'm frightened because i have no control of time, when, when is my last day i ask? how long do i have? i dont want to regret the things i missed out on and the things i had no time to see, this is not meant to be rhetorical, questions are meant to be answered but this is bothersome because these are the questions, the questions that are only answered when time has run out.  But i have realized that it is my job as an individual to grab a hold of this time i am aware of, and use it for the fulfillment of my life and only my life while creating smiles on others to create happiness for my soul. -Amanda Ricciardi

I wrote this after a close friend of mine passed away at the age of 17 a year and a half ago, he was looking forward to so much and had so much ahead of him, it was all taken away at an instant, after this moment in my life i decided that i needed to start doing things that i have always wanted because you never really know when your last day is going to be...so i was inspired and signed up to go skydiving, it was an experience of a life time and i will hold that memory for as long as i live.