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Contact: Ms. Sharon Hudson -AEF

Phone: (212) 986-8068

Coordinator: Margery Steinberg, Ph.D.

School: University of Hartford

Phone: (860) 768-4305





Ms. Kathy Thompson, Vice President, Account Director. . . will speak at the University of Hartford on Thursday, March 4th, 2004 under the auspices of the Inside Advertising Speakers Program of the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF).


THE INSIDE ADVERTISING SPEAKERS PROGRAM sends high-level, seasoned advertising or marketing executives. . . like Ms. Thompson. . . to colleges and universities across the country. . . to discuss with students and faculty the advertising process, how it fits into our economic and social structure, and the issues surrounding advertising.


Ms. Thompson's program will include classroom visits to discuss advertising as it applies to particular disciplines and an informal session with students and faculty.


The AEF is a nonprofit organization supported by agencies, media companies and is dedicated to building a better understanding and greater appreciation of the socioeconomic role of advertising in our lives.



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