Alpha Chi

Minutes of the Alpha Chi meeting held on 12/04/03 in Dana.


Prof. Shattuck – Faculty Advisor John Miller - President Ashley Casserino – SGA Rep. Tomi Lasaki – Secretary Kristen Mauro - Public Relations


- We had a guy working on the website but we would have to pay him $500 upon completion. We are looking for a member who is able and willing or might know someone that is able and willing do it at no cost.

- Alpha Chi donated $1500 towards the Joseph Alessi Event. We hope to get the money back from funds generated through ticket sales. We won a grant of $250 from Nationals which looks pretty good for us. We have about $3000 to work with but we need to figure out what to do with it.

- A possible event is a game show at the Magnet school. This we will probably do in the spring. We will need to get together with the Principle to fix a date that works best for them. It will be best to do this after the induction ceremony in March.

- There are different scholarships offered by Alpha Chi. Information about these are available at the website

- Induction ceremony takes place on Feb. 21st in Wilde Auditorium from 1-6pm. Notices shall be sent out to the inductees over the winter break.

- We need Alpha Chi members to volunteer for the honors colloquium.

- College bowl – a college game show that will feature an Alpha Chi team.

- Habitat for humanity – it will be a great event end of year event, working together as a team to assist in building houses in the Hartford area.

- Getting involved in SGA – since Alpha Chi is not an SGA group, it will be best to work with an SGA group in order to get some money from SGA and also get recognition. Program Council is also a good group to work with.

- Also getting the informer to cover events that Alpha Chi participates in like the Magnet school event and the Joseph Alessi event will be a good way of getting publicity.

- It will be good to make T shirts that can be worn during events like the Habitat project and to have the honors chords come free with induction.

With nothing further to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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