Alpha Chi Minutes of the Alpha Chi E-board meeting held at 8:00pm on Monday 09/08/03 in the Library.

Attendance: John Miller - President Bill McCleary - Vice President Tomi Lasaki - Secretary Nick Scalia - Treasurer

Excused Absences: Ashley Casserino Kristen Mauro


· Website: The pictures of the E-board members were taken. These will be put up on the website along with each E-board member's bio. The Webmaster, Jesse, is still working on the website and we were assured that it will be up and running very soon. We will be giving him $500 upon completion of the website. Also we are working on setting up an email account for the organization. Just the E-board members will know the password.

· Phi Mu Alpha Event: There is a Phi Mu Alpha event with Joseph Alessi. He will be having a concert on the 16th of November. We will be collaborating with them and half of the funds generated from ticket sales will go to Alpha Chi.

· Event with Magnet School: We are planning to have an event with the Magnet School sometime in October. The event will be in the form of some kind of spelling bee or a geography quiz in which there will be 3 place winners. Some sort of plaque can be made and given to the winners of the competition. $50 bonds will be issued out to the winners as well.

· Making contact with Deans: We discussed ways in which we could go about getting the Deans of the different Schools on campus involved with our organization and the different events we are organizing. It was concluded that a letter would be written and sent to them informing them about our organization and the events we are planning which, as mentioned earlier, include the Magnet School event and the Phi Mu Alpha event.

· Campus Wide Event: We thought of ways in which we can get more Alpha Chi members and the campus community involved in and make them aware of Alpha Chi and the things we are doing. Some suggestions of such events, which can be scheduled for next semester, were made which include: Some kind of fraternity game show A scholarly trivia game show A school against school competition A trophy will be handed out to the winner of the competition and we can also get the STN channel to air such games. Also it was mentioned that we could apply for a grant of up to about $250 from the national headquarters of Alpha Chi for these events. The key to the success of all of these events is early publicity. We should begin to brainstorm about ways in which we can publicize efficiently.

· New Advisor and meetings: We have a new Advisor, James Shattuck, from the Chemistry Department. He was kind enough to email us his schedule so we can plan our meeting time. We picked out Thursdays sometime between 1-4 and Fridays between 3-4 and this didn't seem to work very well for everyone. We will speak with our advisor to see if we can get more times to work with. Also we are will be looking into getting a permanent meeting room somewhere in Gengras as soon as we finalize our meeting times. We decided that it would be best if we conducted 2 meetings per month: one for E-board members and the other a general one. The problem of low meeting attendance was raised. The first step we decided to take in combating this is getting a log of all current Alpha Chi members.

With nothing further to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at about 9:40pm.

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