Alpha Chi E-Board Meeting

March 23, 2004
Next General Meeting April 13th 12:00 p.m @ Dana in room 403

What is Alpha Lambda delta?
-Freshmen and sophomore honors society
-What can we do with them?

Professors to speak for a scholarly event:
(2) Tom Epps and Earl Hesser both from Ward College of Technology
-We can have them present their research in Wilde Auditorium, in late April or early May

Who can work at the Colloquium?
-Lynn Kelly is running the colloquium, and she needs Alpha Chi members to help run it. It's at the Magnet School we don't have to stay the entire time, but we need to help as much as possible. Who can go?

Alpha Chi t-shirts:
3 price ranges
-high $17.00
-alpha chi website has them from $12.95 to $14.95
-Should we decide which shirt to buy, or should we discuss it with the entire group?
-Michelle's going to print information about the choices to bring to the next general meeting.
- Alpha Chi will be able to contribute $5.00 to each shirt, and can also pay the shipping.(?)

The Alpha Chi Website:
-The website is still being worked on, and is going to be simple and straight -forward. It will use the Alpha Chi motto (which is on the nationals website)
-It will also include members' activities etc., and pictures of the E-board
-We need a digital camera to take pictures for the website.
*Each member on the E-board needs to write a brief of themselves to post with their picture for the website.

Gave us a list of all of the clubs on campus. We also found out that Program Council handles everything for Spring Fling.
-We need to find out more about the other societies on campus and see what we can do with them. Orientation:
Talk to Irwin Nesbaum about putting about Alpha Chi pamphlets out at orientation for the freshmen to see.

Honorary Inductment:
Does anyone know a faculty member that would be beneficial to this group?

Alpha Chi Picnic:
Steph needs to get Dr. Shattucks signature for getting the picnic area.
-We don't think that we have to pay for anything.
- How many people do we think will be attending? (20 -25?)

Alumni Secretary:
Get in contact with graduated members of Alpha Chi to see where they are today.
-Guest Speakers
Alpha Chi helped me…

Is there an account code for the treasurer of Alpha Chi in the bursars' office?

Spring Fling:
Ice Cream?

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