Alpha Chi E-Board Meeting

March 9, 2004

Website: Will Ellen be willing to work on it with her software to save money? (We need the code for the website to access it through the Hartford website)

Alpha Chi Picnic: May 9th in the Konover picnic area at 12:00

Spring Fling: Do we want to sell something at spring fling to gain recognition? -Will Aramark donate or give us a good deal on food? We would have to buy charcoal for grilling (if we do hamburgers) -Ideas of things we could sell or give out: hamburgers and cheeseburgers, lemonade and ice cream.

Orientation: We could present the incoming freshman with information about our organization, so that they will know what is available to them - We need to contact Irwin Nesbaum who is in charge of orientation.

T-shirts: Do we want to purchase short sleeve t-shirts with alpha chi letters? -We could wear them to programs that we do, and to spring fling.

Guest Speakers for scholarly projects: We need to write letters to the Deans of each school to inform that we are interested in having professor present any work that they have been working on.

Next Meeting: E-board- Tuesday March 22nd General Meeting: Tuesday April 8th or Thursday April 13th 12:00 (Dr. Shattuck will reserve a room for it)

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