Dr. Hisham Alnajjar, Ph.D.

Associate Dean

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture

University of Hartford

United Technologies Hall, UT 233

200 Bloomfield Ave

West Hartford, CT 06117,

Tel: (860) 768-4846, Fax:(860)768-5073



Philosophy: “Life is like a bed, if you do not feel comfortable get up and remake it” by ????.



*      Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

*      Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Ohio University, Athens, OH

*      Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

*      Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (5-year program), Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria


Professional  Experience

Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Technology & Architecture       2007-present

University of Hartford


Associate Dean and Chair of ECE Dept                                                  Feb. 2007 –July 2007

University of Hartford


Assistant Dean and Chair of ECE Dept                                                   2000-Feb. 2007

University of Hartford


Chair, ECE Dept.                                                                                                  1998-2007

University of Hartford



Academic Ranks

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Associate Professor of ECE and Biomed                                                             2001-present

University of Hartford


Assistant Professor of ECE                                                                                  1995-2001

University of Hartford


Associate Professor of Engineering Technology                                                  1994-1995

Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN


Adjunct Assistant Professor                                                                              PT 8/94-8/97

Electrical & Computer Engineering

School of Engineering

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


Graduate Student/Instructor                                                                              PT 6/89-7/94

Electrical & Computer Engineering

School of Engineering

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN


Instructor                                                                                                            FT- 82-1/85

Aleppo University

Aleppo, Syria


Industrial Experience

Electrical Engineer                                                                                            1980-1982

Hama’s Electric Company

Hama, Syria


Professional Memberships

§  Member, Institute of Electrical and electronics Engineers (IEEE)

§  Member, Digital Signal Processing Society (IEEE) 

§  Member, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

§  Member, PKAL (Project Kaleidoscope, Faculty for the 21th Century): a national organization to promote excellence in teaching

(Math, Sciences and Engineering).  Former Provost Ivey and former Dean of Faculty Stevenson nominated me to PKAL.


Courses Taught:

I have two specialties, in the areas of digital signal processing and power system analysis.  Additionally, I have acquired extensive

knowledge and skills in other areas in electrical & computer engineering by taking courses and attending workshops.

I have taught the following courses at the University of Hartford:


·         Digital Signal Processing                                ECE 440/ ECE 441/ ECE 641

·         Digital Signal Processing Hardware               ECE 540 (Senior & Grad)

·         Power System Analysis                                  ECE 572 (Senior & Grad)

·         Transformers and Machinery                          ECE 471/ ECE 473

·         Digital Design                                                 ECE 231/ ECE 232

·         Communications                                             ECE 423

·         Senior Design II                                              ECE 483

·         Special Topics in ECE (Image Processing)     ECE 591 (Senior & Grad)

·         Protective Relays                                            ECE 672  (Grad course)

·         Engineering Honors Seminars I                      ES 116 (Freshmen)

·         Engineering Honors Seminars II                     ES 117 (Freshmen)

·         Engineering & Design                                     ES 143 (all eng programs)

·         Engineering by Design                                    ES 242 (all eng programs)

·         Engineering Practice                                       ES 342 9all eng programs)

·         Master Thesis                                                  ECE 600

·         Introduction to Circuit Analysis                     ECE 210 (for non-major)

·         Random Signals & Noise                                ECE 420