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Books: Positive Thinking by Vera Pfeiffer

Quote: “I’m not afraid of storms, I’m learning how to sail my ship” Louisa May Alcott

Movie: Inception- Leonardo Dicaprio

Professional Development:


I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and attended school there until I completed my undergraduate degree at King Saud University. While I was a student at King Saud University, I obtained valuable leadership and teaching skills. I volunteered at Saudi Women’s Media Center in Riyadh, an institute that focuses on improving women’s participation and role in the community. As part of my duties, I organized ten workshops and conferences, most of which were about women in education as leaders, teachers, and students. In addition, while I was at the Chamber of Commerce at Riyadh, I organized several workshops and conferences focusing on improving women’s education in Saudi Arabia. During my undergraduate years I also became a member of two other organizations--Al-Nahdah and the Sanad Children's Cancer Support Society. Al-Nahdah, which is one of the largest women’s centers in the country, focuses on helping women to improve their education for better employment opportunities. I met with members twice a month to discuss and create helpful workshops for this purpose.

After I graduated from King Saud University in 2008, I gained even more valuable experience. First, I volunteered to work for one semester as a researcher to develop the university’s education system. There I worked on integrating technology into the university system to develop and facilitate communication between faculty members and students. In addition, I compiled a thirty-page research report for the administration of King Saud University on how to introduce and establish a variety of student clubs to help students. Then, I was hired by Dallah Hospital as a social worker. In 2009 I received a scholarship from the Saudi government to continue my education outside the country. I decided to focus in educational field after reading about the field and seeing that my earning an education degree could not only benefit me as an individual, but also the community to which I could offer my assistance.


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